Seventy Days to Go in the 1st District

Ten weeks to go! This is getting real, people. And I need your help.

Seriously–you can look at this field. A lot of really strong candidates, working really hard, fighting for every vote. I need your help. There are no staff on this campaign, no big money flowing. I’m a community-grounded person, and this is a community-focused campaign. Local money, local people, committed to a better future for our community and our city.

You can get involved here: And you can find out more here:
Here’s who I am, in the midst of this crowded field:
1) an experienced community leader dedicated to collaboration
2) a city native with an obnoxious dedication to Baltimore
3) a proven public servant who puts people and communities and families first before the standard big-money special interests of our district and our city
4) a Spanish-fluent advocate who is already working hard to help our Latino neighbors prosper here in Southeast Baltimore
5) a details and policy dork who can get in the weeds on GCEI & the charter school funding formula & community land trusts & Fell’s Point building heights & complete streets infrastructure,
6) a parent committed to raising my kids in the city just as my parents made sacrifices to raise me here as well, and a leader has worked closely with Southeast schools, students, and parents for six years;
7) someone who is committed to transit, cycling, and complete streets design not because it seems like a good idea but because I sold my car and use my bike, feet, and public transit to get around the city;
8) and someone who knows what it is to be responsible to an entire community of people and responsive to their needs and concerns.

A lot of these candidates share the same ideas. They are good folks, and smart folks–we all see the same issues, and share many of the same solutions. We all want great schools, thriving business districts, safe and clean streets, improved transportation, and continued investment in parks and recreation. That’s not the real distinction in this race. The real distinction is rather about which candidate has demonstrated long-term leadership, commitment, and dedication to working collaboratively to improve Southeast Baltimore.

Seventy Days to Go in the 1st District

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