A Letter to Fellow Southeast Parents

Fellow Southeast parents,

             I’m writing to invite you to follow along with my city council campaign. As you may know, Christine and I are raising Luke (5, at PPPCS) and Sarah (2) here in Highlandtown–like my parents raised me and my twin brother in Otterbein. I serve as a community pastor here and have spent the past six years working alongside many of you

All of the candidates are smart people. They know that families are key to the success and the future of our community. And so they’ll talk about families a lot, as they should.

The difference? In addition to being raised here, and raising our children here, I’ve actually been doing the work of strengthening our community and supporting families for more than six years.

I serve on the School Family Council at both Highlandtown schools, pushing for parental and community engagement. I work alongside and support the Community School Coordinators at PPPCS and Highlandtown #237. I began summer camps, mentoring programs, and basketball programs which have served hundreds of students. I support OrchKids, Jim Kraft’s Southeast Schools Baseball League, the Refugee Youth Project, Soccer Without Borders, the YouthWorks summer jobs program, and the Living Classrooms center in Patterson Park.  I was a member of the Patterson Park Master Plan steering team, making sure that the jewel of Southeast Baltimore continues to improve for the next twenty years. And rather than simply talk about the importance of early childhood education, I’ve worked with neighbors to create a new affordable and culturally-diverse preschool in Highlandtown (construction ongoing–can’t wait for this project to be done!).

You shouldn’t vote for me simply because I’m a fellow Southeast parent. But you should consider voting for me because I’m the candidate who has actually spent my time and energy making Southeast Baltimore a better place to grow up and to raise a family–and who will continue to do so, whatever the election results will be.

            To find out more about my background & ideas, visit the website.
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If you find this post worth sharing, please, pass it along to fellow parents.

            Thanks for all that you do–and I look forward to continuing to raise our kids together here in our corner of Baltimore, no matter the outcome on April 26th.
A Letter to Fellow Southeast Parents

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