Tools for Comparing the Candidates

There are many neighbors still trying to decide who to support for City Council here in the 1st District. I’ve put together some resources to review and make an informed decision. Please share away and make well-informed choices on Election Day!

Video from Candidates’ Public Events
Canton Forum
Patterson Park Forum
Fell’s Point Forum

Radio/Podcast Content
Roughly Speaking with Dan Rodricks (eight candidates)
First Edition with Sean Yoes (four candidates).
Interview with Roberto Alejandro from On Background (Just me–Zeke has one too on that site).
Transportation Forum with Marc Steiner (four candidates)

Written Voters Guides & Questionnaires
The Baltimore Sun
The League of Women Voters
CrowdPAC Candidate Overview (good financial breakdowns)
Housing Policy Watch Questionnaire (two candidates).
Bikemore Questionnaire   (four candidates)
Candidate Profile in the Baltimore Guide
(note: there’s no one link which connects to all the profiles, but simply search the other candidates’ names at and you’ll find them)

Campaign Donation Summaries
An analysis by a Canton neighbor on overall fundraising.
An analysis by some Fell’s Point neighbors on money from developers.



Tools for Comparing the Candidates

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